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Easy health tips to drop a few pounds this New Year

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When the calendar changes, many people ask themselves how can I lose a few extra pounds?

Curves Complete coach Melinda Shop says it can be a struggle for people but it's mostly mental.   She says by just elimating a few things out of your diet can do the trick, along with some exercise.  

Shop says one of the worst things is soda, diet or not.   By eliminating soda and sugar and sticking to whole grains you can start to see a difference.   She says it's a choice that can change your life.

"It's not just something that you do to lose the weight and then once you're off it you're done with it, you go back to your old habits and gain all your weight back, twice as much.   You learn healthy habits to maintain it," says Shop. 

Shop says the Curves program is a good option for those looking to feel better this new year.   Their website is http://www.curves.com/locations/map.php?id=911182062101E

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