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Torrington Native Lexie Madden makes Wyoming proud in the 2013 Miss America Pageant

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"The four corners of my state prove it's hip to be square, your Miss Wyoming, Lexie Madden," Lexie Madden said, during the 2013 Miss America pageant.

KOTA Territory News and the people who live in Torrington, have followed Lexie Madden's journey to the Miss America pageant since the beginning.

"It was interesting, living in a small town like this, having someone from here represent Wyoming. And I couldn't have picked anyone better but her," Torrington local, Meisha Wengler said.

Her small town charm and beauty made her shine, easily securing a spot in the top 4.

"I actually used to show goats in 4H, and I know that's something very unique and odd but it was fun and it taught me a lot about responsibility," Lexie Madden said.

With a population of less than 7,000, Lexie Madden proves that dreams can come true even in a small town like Torrington.

She dazzled in a black gown for the top 12 contestant's evening wear competition, stating her color choice was timeless.

And during the talent portion of the competition, Lexie showed off her piano skills with an original composition.

"The piano was my favorite, because she wrote her own song so that was unique," Wengler said.

After the top five question and answer round, plus a full year of hard work, Lexie Madden was named third runner up.

"Just because we live in a small town and it's kind of neat for someone to get to somewhere big like that," Wengler said.

While the pageant is over, it's clear Lexie Madden's success certainly isn't.

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