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Life-saving blood transfusions for son inspires mother to donate blood

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January is national Blood Donor Month. To celebrate, we're bringing you a series of stories on how you can give the gift of life in your community.

Today...  A life-changing event prompted an Alliance woman to become a blood donor.

Mary Goodell's life turned upside down after her son Michael was in a life-threatening drunk-driving accident. "He ended up being in ICU for 45 days," recounts Goodell. "And a total of 108 days in the hospital."

Blood transfusions- .. And lots of them- were keeping her son alive.

"I noticed on his ID bracelet they had some red stickers. And I asked what that was," says Goodell. "And that indicated each unit of blood he received. At that point it was 6."

Michael ended up receiving 9 units of blood. That prompted Mary to start giving back... So she could help keep somebody's son or daughter alive.

"The day I saw those red tabs on his ID bracelet and realized my son received some life saving blood from a donor- that's what made me decide to become a donor."

Mary had always noticed the blood drives going on throughout the community, but kept putting donations on the back burner.

"But when it hits home and its your own child or your husband or whatever, it makes a bigger difference, and it really doesn't take much to donate."

Although health laws prevent Mary from knowing *who* exactly donated the blood that saved Michael's life, she remains thankful that donor's continue to give the gift of life.

"Knowing it was there at the time that he needed it, I'm truly grateful for that."

Click here for a full lists of ways on how you can donate blood in your area.

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