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KOTA Territory Sheriff talks gun control to crowd of about 100

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Approximately 100 people filled the Valley Events Center last night to learn about new proposals for gun control.

Scotts Bluff County Sheriff Mark Overman was the event's keynote speaker, and many gun owners came to get educated.

"I'm curious about what the Sheriff's got to say on any of the gun control issues," explains Rick Johns of Gering. "Whether or not he thinks they're going to happen or not happen, and what his plan is either way."

The 9-12 group sponsored the event, and wants this forum to happen in every county in Nebraska in the coming months.

"We hope to take this meeting viral," says Lory Storm of Crawford. "We have people working on this all across the state in different counties with different 9/12 and tea party groups."

Sheriff Overman agreed to speak because he has received a lot of emails from people in Scotts Bluff County.

They fear that President Obama's 23 executive orders he intends to sign are going to take away people's second amendment rights.

"So I brought these," says Overman, referring to the full list of executive orders, "So that you can see them. Because I'm not sure that everybody has seen them, and as we go through this, I want you to think about if these orders take away your 2nd amendment rights."

Sheriff Overman read each executive order to the crowd. Most of the orders heighten background checks for people looking to purchase guns, and maximize efforts to prevent gun violence.

After getting through the list, Overman told the crowd, "I have a hard time figuring out what rights these took away."

Overman explains the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary sparked the gun control debate, and believes that a really good background check system is what this country needs.

"And we don't want mentally disturbed people to have guns. We don't want crazy people to have guns. Because they do stupid things with them."

Regardless of new laws... some people will continue to uphold their second amendment rights in the matter they seem fit.

"I will not comply," says Johns. "To register or confiscate. I will not comply. I don't have any weapons or weapon components, ammunition that weren't lawfully purchased, and I won't give them up."

As for the 9-12 group, they already have additional meeting lined up in Dawes, Sheridan and Cherry County.

"Hopefully, you'll see this meeting happen 93 times if we're all successful," says Storm.

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