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Bullock's family outraged on Siefke plea deal

The lone person charged in connection of the death of a Panhandle man won't stand trial today... after entering a plea deal Friday with prosecutors.

The plea deal for a lesser sentence is outraging for the family of Josh Bullock.

"Shock. Outrage. Disgust."  Those are just some of the words Bullock's cousin Tristian Jackson is using to react to Rose Siefke 's plea deal with prosecutors, that could shave more than 15 years off a prison sentence.

A three - day - jury trial Siefke was slated to begin *today* in Box Butte County Court.
She was charged with being an accessory to a felony.... helping *then* boyfriend Andy Gonzales dispose of the body of Josh Bullock.
"The people of Alliance, Nebraska aren't going to get justice," says Jackson. "The victims and the family of the victims aren't going to get justice."
Siefke entered a guilty to plea to amended charges on Friday, and could serve as little as ten months in prison.
Bullock's cousin Tristian Jackson says he is outraged that prosecutors never asked his family if a plea deal was acceptable.
"For a judge to determine a one to 20 year sentence for something as heinous as this to 20 to 40 months, which in Nebraska means 10-20 months. It's unacceptable."
Siefke helped investigators find Bullock's body after Gonzales was killed in a shoot-out with police at Thiele's Pharmacy. Gonzales had also murdered his father earlier in the day in his Alliance home.

Bullock's cousin hopes that Siefke gets the maximum sentence for a class four felony- which could be up to 5 years in prison.
"It's obvious she helped cover this up," adds Jackson. "And her silence, in my opinion, made her an accomplice to murder, attempted murder, why weren't those charges brought?"

Other details from this murder have also prevented the family from getting closure. Investigators with the Nebraska State Patrol say that although Bullock's body was found, his decapitated head was never recovered.

Jackson urges the people of Box Butte County who feel that Siefke is getting too light of a sentence to speak up. He says judges, prosecutors, and neighbors in the area need to know that they demand justice for the crimes that have been committed.

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