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Link between Sidney, NE and Deadwood, SD found in gold

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The city of Sidney, Nebraska and the Black Hills in South Dakota are almost 300 miles apart... But there is a closer link found in their "rich" history.

Our Anndrea Anderson shows us how the two areas were connected many years ago.
The distance between Sidney, Nebraska and Deadwood, South Dakota can be daunting when all you have is a covered wagon and your two feet.

But in the late 1800's, there was a big motivator to make that trip: Gold.
"But then when gold was discovered in Deadwood, South Dakota up in that area... People wanted to get up there and they wanted to get their gold," said Cheyenne County Tourism Director Ramona Joyce.
"People found out that the shortest route, the most direct route was Sidney to Deadwood"
The link between Sidney and Deadwood was established because Sidney had something that Deadwood didn't: a railroad.
"The railroad was going through here, and it wasn't in South Dakota."
The connection from that railroad to the South Dakota gold was made through a trail still in existence today.
"Highway 385 pretty much parallels the Sidney-Deadwood trail."
"This was a road that was used to haul supplies up to Deadwood, South Dakota, and then people would bring gold back to put on the train."
The railroad, and the discovery of gold in the Black Hills went hand-in-hand.
"This trail in Sidney's Legion Park is called the Sidney-Deadwood trail, one of the many tributes this city has to South Dakota."
It was because of the gold rush in South Dakota that Sidney became the place it is today.
"The gold and the gold rush era was the first time that Sidney just kind of boomed and was a big town... Its pretty much what has kept Sidney alive"

 In Sidney, Anndrea Anderson, KOTA Territory news.

The city of Sidney celebrates the gold rush with the "Gold Rush Days" event held every June.

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