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CSC center showcases life and works of Nebraska's Mari Sandoz

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This month we are highlighting the people and places that make Dawes County a great place to live work and play.

Today our Anndrea Anderson takes us to a place that commemorates one of Nebraska's most influential writers.

"She was one of the few authors who understood the influence and power of her work in her lifetime," says center director Sarah Polak. 

Mari Sandoz was one of the most influential writers of her time.

Today, her legacy lives on.

"We tell the story of the life and literature of Mari Sandoz and we also try and take the themes that she was passionate about: Native American rights, the environment, and supporting young writers. We try to keep that vibrant today here at the center."

The center gives people a more intimate look at Sandoz's life.

"You can come here and see her documents, see pages she actually wrote with her own hand."

"This here is Mari Sandoz's personal underwood typewriter. It still has the tape in it that she would have written her last book on."

In her 22 books and 100 short stories Mari Sandoz talked about life on the plains.

"She wrote about how it was here, her books don't always have a happy ending and it's a little bit grittier and more realistic."

"We try and convey the story that she wanted to tell not only though what's inside but building but through the gardens outside... to recreate the environment she grew up in."

Just like many of her books, Mari Sandoz's life did not have a happy ending.

"In the 1960's when she found out she had terminal cancer she really wanted her work to be back home, in the sand hills and high plains that she was writing about."

Now, her stories and spirit remain in the panhandle, her home, and the inspiration for her books.

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The Sandoz center is the only one in the nation that hosts her personal affects and collections.

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