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Fur Trading is one of the oldest and longest-running businesses in North America

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"We have a hard time believing that you can teach American history without teaching the Fur Trade," says Gail Potter, Museum of the Fur Trade Director.
The fur trade can be considered the first business in Northern America, but that doesn't mean it's a thing of the past.
"Basically the fur trade still continues today, it's just different. Were not trading for goods from one another for fur, were trading for money today."
But back before there was money to trade settlers traded their goods for Indian fur.
"It's no different than you would go into a Wal-Mart today and pick something out and bring it to the counter and pay for it."
"The room that I'm standing in is an exact replica of what a trading post would have looked like 100s of years ago, You can call this the Wal-Mart of the 1830s."
That Wal-Mart would have hosted goods traded from all over the world.
"Guns and blankets and knives came from England, the glass beads that were traded to the native people came out of Italy, you have Vermillion, a type paint of from china. Goods are coming from all over the world."
The fur trade opened up a world-wide market place, something that was just as important in the 1500's as it is today.
"Today we talk about having a global economy; the fur trade has always been a global economy."
"It's a business that doesn't go away."


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