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'Blight and substandard' area has residents fuming

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'Blind sided' is how people living in Scottsbluff's Sheldon Height's neighborhood are feeling after finding out their development has been deemed 'blight and substandard'.

The new designation makes those areas eligible for tax increment financing, which makes revitalization more appealing for future developers.

There are a number of qualifications that can label an area as 'blight and substandard'.

Residents in the well–maintained Sheldon Heights area are upset their neighborhood has been included because of it's gravel roads.

"I am very bothered that we weren't made privy to what was going on," says john Schafer.  "Was there a reason for that?"

Addison Avenue's John Schafer believes the city should have given he and his neighbors more warning and a chance to speak–out before the change.

City Manager Rick Kuckkahn says he's sympathetic, but assures Schafer the city has followed the required notification process.

"I apologize on behalf of the City, on behalf of the State, for having notification requirements that may not meet the expectations of your neighborhood," says Kuckkahn.  "And honestly, if I was sitting in your seat I would have the same kind of feeling."

City Council has referred the matter back to staff, who will take a look at possible options the city can take advantage–of to help the neighborhood.

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