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Gering Business Club hosts meet and greet with Gering's new police chief

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He started as an intern with the Gering Police Department, and now he's the Chief of Police.
Chief George Holthus was the keynote speaker at the Gering Business Club's lunch meeting this afternoon.

Holthus was promoted from Captain to Chief of the Gering Police Department in September.

Before his promotion, Hothus spent many years at the department, including 15 as an investigator, 5 as captain and a few in the WING Drug Task Force.

Holthus also trained at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and sent three weeks as a police officer for the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.

And now that he's chief, Holthus says he doesn't expect much to change within the department.
"I think they'll be some operational changes, some efficiency changes but as far as the officers that are working with the public, I don't think the public will notice any changes in the ways we do business."
Hothus says he does hope to establish a stronger working relationship with the community and local business owners.

He says a lot of times, in society people can generate a negative perception of police officers based on a few negative interactions.

"What I'm hopeful of trying to achieve, or at least start today, is that you look beyond that. You look at the people that are making the decisions in the community and know that they want the same things. They want this to be the best place to live and work in the Valley, too."


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