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FAA to relax 'no use of electronics' rules for passengers

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You could soon be able to play video games or watch movies and listen to music while taking off and landing on a plane.

That's according to new guidelines from the Federal Aviation Administration.

But it could take some time before passengers see the new changes.

Delta and JetBlue said they would quickly submit plans to implement the new policy.

Airlines will have to show the FAA that their airplanes meet the new guidelines and that they've updated things like their flight-crew manuals and safety announcements.

Scotts Bluff County resident, Emily Jantzi likes the idea.

"Well as long as it's safe, I never really understood why it wasn't safe, unless it was interfering with communications between pilots and the tower but as long as it's safe. I'm gladly using mine."

De Hufford likes the new policy. "I worked as a nurse and they had the same kind of thing and I found that the phones never made a difference there. So maybe it doesn't make as much as they're concerned about I don't know."

Currently, passengers are required to turn off their smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices once a plane's door closes.

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