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Public asked to help name new zoo animal

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On Friday November 15, the Riverside Discovery Center's female Reeve's Muntjac gave birth to a little female fawn and the RDC would like the public's help in naming this little new addition. 

The RDC zoo is currently home to five muntjacs:  our adult male and female and their three offspring of various ages.

Reeves Muntjac, which are nicknamed ‘the barking deer' due to their distinctive bark, are native to southeastern China and Taiwan.  Fawns can be born throughout the year and only weigh 20-22 ounces at birth.

Females will hide their young in dense undergrowth for the first few days of life or until they can follow their mother easily, even though the young are able to walk when they are only a few hours old.

Fawns have spots at birth that disappear as they reach adulthood, which aids in their camouflage.

The young become independent very quickly and will only nurse for an average of two months and in the wild will leave their mother at six months of age.  Reeve's Muntjac are a Species Survival Program animal within AZA zoos.

This means the wild population is at risk and AZA zoos are working to breed these animals and save them from disappearing from the wild.

People are invited to submit their ideas for a name for the new Muntjac via the RDC facebook page until Monday, December 2nd at noon. 

The staff of RDC will pick their favorite 10 submitted names. 

On Saturday, December 14, zoo visitors will have a chance to vote for their favorite name during the zoo's Holiday Party from 11:00 AM-3:00 PM.

Each visitor will get one vote, and additional votes can be purchased for 25 cents.

The name with the most votes wins!  The person who submitted the winning name will receive a prize – a framed picture of the little muntjac and a unique muntjac puzzle.

Come and see this new addition along with the other muntjacs in their enclosure across from the tiger exhibit.

Since muntjacs are small deer, only standing 20" tall when full grown, you will have to look carefully to find the fawn! 


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