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Documentary explores impact of marijuana legalization on NE

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Nebraska takes center stage in a new documentary produced by NET News about Colorado's growing legal marijuana industry.

"Marijuana Crossroads" is a 30–minute documentary that explores the growing marijuana industry and it's effects in Nebraska.  

In his work on "Marijuana Crossroads," NET News producer Bill Kelly compiled Nebraska crime statistics, revealing that arrests for sales and distribution of marijuana increased nearly 40 percent since 2007, when medical marijuana was made widely available in Colorado.

The documentary contains interviews from a wide variety of people including law enforcement, medical marijuana users, recreational marijuana users, growers and more.

We sit down with Dana Korell of Nebraska's WING Drug Task Force who says the documentary is pretty spot-on.

"I don't think people in Nebraska were prepared for this and maybe still aren't," says Korell.  "And sooner or later Nebraska is going to have to figure out what to do with this."

An NET News state–wide survey shows that 66–percent of county law enforcement feel the legalization of medical marijuana in Colorado has impacted the illegal drug trade in their region.

But people living in Colorado say not much has changed.

"I think it has become a little more public," says Kirsten Ayres, a Colorado resident who doesn't smoke but has no objections to marijuana legalization.  "I see people smoking on their front lawns, just a little less nervous of getting in trouble.  But for the most part I haven't seen much difference."

Recreational sales of marijuana will become legal in Colorado on January first.

With the quality, quantity and even public acceptance of marijuana on the rise, NRT News examines Nebraska at a marijuana crossroads.

"We don't care if it's legal in Colorado," says Korell.  "We're not in Colorado.  This is Nebraska. And until Nebraska makes some statutory decisions on what to do next, it's still illegal in Nebraska."

TV channel 'NET 1' will show "Marijuana Crossroads" again on Friday December 13th at 7:30 p.m.  The documentary is also available for free screening online at


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