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Gas prices in Scottsbluff drop to under $3 a gallon

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Christmas came early for some KOTA Territory motorists as the price of gas has dipped below the $3 dollar mark.

Gas prices at Cheema's Gas on Avenue I in Scottsbluff have been dropping as quickly as the temperature this week.

And for the first time in what feels like forever, that price has dropped to below $3 dollars a gallon Friday morning.

The $2.99 price tag for regular unleaded gasoline brought smiles to drivers faces, as well as their wallets.

"I feel pretty good about it since my truck is a Tahoe, it's a V-8 and it eats a lot of gas so its pretty good for this truck," said Scottsbluff resident Efren Alanis. "I don't have to put a lot as much money you know, plus maybe save an extra $20, $30 dollars maybe."

Alanis says the extra money he saves from the lower gas prices really helps out, especially around the holidays.



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