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Freezing temperatures halt snow removal in Gering

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High winds and frigid temperatures are still plaguing the panhandle causing headaches for drivers.

And it's these sub-zero temperatures that are making snow removal difficult for crews.

Since last Tuesday's snowstorm, drivers say road conditions are the worst they've seen in quite awhile nearly a week later.

But crews around Gering and Scottsbluff are doing everything they can to clear roads and keep drivers safe.

Gering Public Works Director Pat Heath says the biggest issues his crews are facing are snow drifts and sub-zero temperatures.

Heath says the de-icing chemicals his crews use won't work properly when temperatures are below zero.

As a substitute, crews used sand one day to cause some traction on the road.

With temperatures expected to fluctuate around 30 degrees later this week, Heath says crews will continue to work around the clock to make roads clearer.

Another problem crews are dealing with is having a place to put snow once it's removed.

This week crews in Gering will clear snowdrifts on major roads as much as possible.

"That's a complaint we always receive," said Heath. "People will say hey, you plowed this neighborhood, but you didn't plow ours. And the reason is because of the considerable drifting. Most of them are on the west edge of the city. West of Five Rocks. Just east of Five Rocks is where we get the severe drifting into neighborhoods. So we try to get those but as far as every residential street,  unless they're impassable we usually do not have time to get to those."

Since last Tuesday's snowstorm, there have been at least 15 reported injury and non-injury car accidents in Gering and Scottsbluff due to road conditions.

Officials are asking drivers to continue to leave enough space in front of them while out on the roads.

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