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Chadron P.D. investigating bogus $20's

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The Chadron Police Department is currently investigating the use of counterfeit $20 bills in Chadron.

Compared to valid U.S. Currency, the counterfeit bills are made on low quality paper, the images are dull and blurry, the serial numbers are the same, the security thread is absent, as is the color shifting ink and the water mark.

These particular bills have the appearance that they have been checked with a counterfeit-detection pen in on the right front side. Sergeant Loutzenhiser says, "don't assume they bill is valid if you see what appears to be a counterfeit-detection pen mark on the bill. Use your counterfeit-detection pen and check the bill again, particularly if it is missing any other security features listed below. You can also compare it to other bills in your cash register."    

How to detect counterfeit US Money;

  • Feel the texture of the paper, which is typically a lower quality paper
  • Compare the bill with another of the same denomination and series and look for differences
  • Look carefully at the printing quality or the lack of detail (dull, flat and blurry areas) on a fake bill
  • Look for colored fibers in the paper. All U.S. bills have tine red and blue fibers embedded in the paper
  • Examine the serial numbers, make sure they match and are evenly spaced and aligned
  • Look for security features in all denominations except the $1 and $2;
    • Security thread running from top to bottom
    • Hold the bill up to a light to check for watermark
    • Tilt the bill to check for color-shifting ink
    • Use a magnifying glass to examine the micro-printing
  • Use a counterfeit-detection pen

For more information on the detection of counterfeit money please visit the U.S. Secret Service Website at;

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