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Torrington man thanks blood donors for saving his life

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A man from Torrington is thanking blood donors and the staff at Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff for saving his life after a near-death experience.
Leroy Milligan was severely injured back in November 2013 after a livestock accident.

A horse kicked him in his stomach, rupturing his spleen and causing a lot of internal bleeding.

Milligan says at the time of the accident, he thought the wind was just knocked out of him. He wanted to go to a nearby hospital but his wife demanded he go Scottsbluff.

Milligan's son drove him to Regional West where doctors operated on his injuries.

Milligan says the last thing he remembers before his surgery was being taken into the emergency room and having about eight medical team members descend on him. He says he looked like he was pregnant with the amount of blood just sitting in his stomach from the internal bleeding.

Surgeons put eight units of blood back into Milligan. The average person has about ten to twelve units of blood in their body. After his surgery, Milligan spent about three weeks recovering in the hospital.
"You don't know how lucky we are to have this facility out here in the panhandle. The emergency room here is top notch, it's amazing." Said Milligan.
Milligan says he wouldn't be here today if it were not for blood donors.

"You really can't describe it. I wouldn't be here if that blood wasn't there. I can't describe it. I'm very appreciative that it was there." Milligan smiled.

Milligan recently returned to work earlier this month and says he too wants to become a blood donor.

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