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Raccoon predicts Superbowl 48 winner

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The Superbowl is next Sunday and Tyke the raccoon at the Riverside Discovery Center has already predicted the winner.

The anticipation was building as family and friends watched to see which team Tyke would choose.

The zoo's animal crawled out of his hole and sniffed around two boxes - one for the Denver Broncos and the other for the Seattle Seahawks.

Seconds later, Tyke chose the Broncos to win Superbowl 48.

Kids pressed their hands and faces against the glass watching Tyke rip part of the Broncos box.

Earlier this year, Tyke correctly predicted that the Cornhuskers would win the Gator Bowl.

Education Curator Kim Miedema says this prediction was a fun way the zoo is preparing for the Superbowl.

"In celebration of that, if anyone comes in Bronco gear on Saturday or Sunday [of next week] they will get a dollar off the admission cost. Sunday is also Groundhog Day. So you combine two parties in one. Come wear your Broncos gear and see if our groundhog happens to be out too."

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