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Torrington overpass opens more than five months ahead of schedule

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Torrington's new Highway–26 overpass is open to traffic more than five months ahead of schedule.

Contractors still have some aesthetic work to finish around the bridge, but all major construction is complete.

Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) Resident Engineer Buck Klemola says some cross walks still need to be painted and vegetation work will be done this spring when the weather warms-up.

Klemola says the only issue so far is that people are having trouble using the red arrow that ties the overpass into Highway–26.

"Wyoming statute dictates that you can turn right on a red arrow but some people aren't following that," says Klemola. "They're getting off the traffic loops, which is causing some issues with traffic backing-up because they don't get picked-up [by the light's sensor].  Then the lights don't turn for them."

The overpass is part of the WYDOT's Highway-85 realignment project.

Klemola says it's going to really help the City's emergency vehicles.

"The first vehicles across were the fire department vehicles," says Klemola.  "One of the key elements of the project was being able to provide emergency services from one side of the track to the other."

Klemola says the project came-in really close, if not under budget.

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