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Dedicated car wash employees brave outdoor weather to get the job done

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Many people in the community are appreciating the warmer weather this weekend especially those who work outdoors.

At Paradise car wash in Scottsbluff, there are some dedicated car wash employees who sometimes have to brave the cold. It's easy to forget, standing outside in 40 degree weather, even with blue skies, may be discouraging to work at times.

Mitchell Bradley Jr. came all the way from Alabama last November. It's fair to say he doesn't appreciate the cold.

"I am zero fan of cold," said Bradley letting out a long exhale. "This is like my first time seeing snow in like 7 years, I am like 21 so I know it's been a time."
Despite not liking the cold, Bradley says it's all about the customer. 

"I tell them have a blessed day." He smiled.

Owner Tori Brozek says it's really important to take care of your car especially during the winter season.
"You know the main thing you have to remember with the snow like it is, they put down chemicals to get the snow to melt. So once those chemicals hit your car they need to come off as soon as possible." Said Brozek.
With the equipment they have, Paradise workers here are able to wash up to 60 cars in one hour. All the used water is collected into bins underground and then recycled.
"Paradise is the only car wash in the valley that has reclaimed water. We're a very green car wash." Said Brozek.

Brozek mentioned over the years she's worked with the state to promote green initiatives.

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