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Local jewelers say they didn't see a Valentine's Day engagement ring rush

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An estimated 6-million people were projected to get engaged over the Valentines Day weekend, but local jewelers say their sales don't necessarily reflect that statistic.
Dawn Tallmon, a co-owner of Tallmon's Jewelry in Scottsbluff, says she usually sees engagement ring sales all year long.

And the fact that there wasn't a Valentines Day rush may mean that men are putting more time into buying a ring and planning on when to pop the question.
"I don't see many spur of the moment decisions, I mean they're seems to be there's a lot more thought put into it."

Tallmon says the economy has also had an effect on the engagement ring buying process. 

"What we've seen is a trend toward the long-term sale, I think that's more because of the economy," Tollman said. "Layaway is hugely popular. And in order for people to get the nice things they want, they put it on layaway, so it will be a long-term sale."
Tracey Bentley, of Bentley's Fine Jewelry and Repair, said he also didn't see an increase of engagement ring sales nearing Valentine's Day either.
"We see an increase of engagement sets over Christmas time, that seems to be when people are getting them now" said Bentley.
Both jeweler's say most rings are individual to the person buying it, but white gold has been a recently popular trend in engagement rings.

"I like to fit the ring to the person, that's very important. And I like to say the ring chooses you, you know when you see it, it will jump out of the case at you" Tallmon said. "But thanks to Pinterest, the latest trend has been white gold." 

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