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$500,000 bond set for teen accused of helping plan jail attack

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A Scotts Bluff County judge has set bond at $500,000 for the 16-year-old inmate accused of helping plan out a fatal attack on 24-year-old Corrections Officer Amanda Baker.

16-year-old Guy Eagle Elk of Lisco, was arraigned this morning on a charge with Aiding and Abetting First Degree Assault.

Eagle Elk was an inmate at the Scotts Bluff County Juvenile Detention Center on February 14, 2014. The information leading to this charge was developed during the ongoing investigation into the death of Corrections Officer Amanda Baker.

Court document say that during the weeks leading up to the attack, it was found that 15-year-old Dylan Cardeilhac wanted to escape from the Detention Center.

During interviews with Nebraska State Patrol interviews, Eagle Elk had conversations with Cardeilhac about striking or choking out a corrections officer to get keys in order to escape.

Eagle Elk says he advised Cardeilhac in the hours leading up to the attack on how to choke out the guard, how long to squeeze until the victim would pass out, and positioning of the arms around the neck.

Eagle Elk also said that since Baker was a female, she would be an easier target. He also told him not to attempt to choke "face-to-face", and in the video of the attack, Cardeilhac is seen moving behind Baker in preparation of the attack.

15-year-old Dylan Cardeilhac is charged with first degree murder in the death of Amanda Baker.

Court documents says that Cardeilhac had talked Baker into coming into cell J-130 to look at something on the floor. At one point Baker had her back turned to Cardeilhac, and he jumped on her back and began choking her from behind.

The affidavit says that the two fell to the ground, and Cardeilhac continues to have both arms wrapped around her head and neck. For over one minute Baker struggles to get him off by attempting to stand up and kick her legs.

All movement stopped, and Baker appeared to lose consciousness. Cardeilhac stayed on top of her and continued to apply pressure to Baker's neck for approximately one and a half minutes after she went limp.

The affidavit says the attack lasted approximately two minutes and thirty-seven seconds.

After the attack, the video shows Cardeilhac takes the facility keys off Baker's belt and exited the room. he then opened and entered multiple cells that housed other juvenile offenders.

Another corrections officer noticed numerous doors open to the cells and knew something was wrong and found Baker lying on the floor of one of the cells. She was unconscious but still breathing. The corrections officer secured the open cell doors and found Cardeilhac hiding in one of the cells and was placed in isolation.

Staff then performed CPR on Baker until Valley Ambulance arrived. She was transported to Regional West Medical Center and was declared brain dead around 3 p.m. on Friday. Physicians say she died on Sunday afternoon.

The crime charged against Eagle Elk is a Class 2 Felony carrying a possible penalty of 1-50 years imprisonment. He has been charged as an adult.

He will be back in court on February 27th at 9:30 a.m. for his preliminary hearing.

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