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Oshkosh sophomore wins diabetes alert dog

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They've already gained the nickname 'man's best friend' and now, they're showing us another reason why.

Meet Mclane Beck and his new puppy Zeus.  He may seem like any other dog, but Zeus is being trained to save Mclane's life.  Mclane is a diabetic.
"We went to the school the first day we got him and everyone wanted to pet him and they thought he was cool," says Mclane. "And the wrestling team has a nick name for him.  They call him Diabedo."
Zeus is Mclane's diabetes alert dog and is trained to detect fluctuations in blood sugar levels and alert Mclane when his is getting too high or too low.
"When you have kids who are diagnosed with diabetes, it's like a monster moves into your home that you have no control over sometimes," says Mclane's mother Tracy Frederick.
Now thanks to Zeus, Mclane's mother can worry less.
At only five months old, Zeus already knows basic commands like sit, lay and stay and will even being taught to get juice from the fridge for Mclane when his blood sugar drops too low.
Mclane won his new service dog in a unique contest through 'Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers' out of Virginia.  The contest was called the 'Dreams Come True Campaign'.
"We deliver the dog for four days with the family," says Erin Coulter, a trainer with Warren Retrievers.  "We teach them basic obedience.  Teach them how the dog alerts.  How to include the dog into their blood sugar checks.  And how to handle the dog out in public."
What's Mclane most excited about?
"Being able to take him anywhere.  And having a constant companion," says Mclane.
But for his mother, it's so much more.
"Peace of mind, hope, Mclane being able to go to college and be safe and have someone that's with him that can take care of his needs if he's not able to," says Frederick.
Frederick says her family is beyond thankful for the Dreams Come True Campaign because that's what Zeus truly is for her family.

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