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Middle school students analyze bones from Mammoth site in Hot Springs

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The eighth graders in Mr. Snocker's class at Bluffs Middle School got hands-on with a number of bones this week, from a variety of different creatures.
"like mink, like squirrels, those are real tiny, we have some bison, we have some bear, we have a whole bunch of different kind of things," said 8th grader Koby Johns.
The bones are a combination of both modern bones collected from the area, and fiberglass replicas of  Ice Age mammoth bones.

Some of the bones came from the mammoth site of Hot Springs, South Dakota, others are from Laramie Park and Custer.

"We're working with the bones and discovering them and what sizes and where they came from and stuff," said Suzanne Trapp.

The bones are being measured as part of a study of the human body.

The measurements of the animal bones are collected and recorded in data charts to be compared to the equivalent human bones.


"You can see the range of different sizes in different animals and its interesting," said Emily Andrews.
Mr. Snocker says the bones in hands-on lab are a great way to get students engaged.


"We get a triple punch from one lab: the science and Anatomy part, the computer skills part, and the math and data component. Plus, we get to learn a lot about human body anatomy along the way," Mr. Snocker said.


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