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Local business grants makeover wish to Community Christian School

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A local business is improving a classroom for students at Community Christian School in Scottsbluff all thanks to one student's wish.

"I was really excited," said 5th grader Haley Holcworth. "This was the first time I had written a business letter and it worked out and I'm like yea."
Back in October, Holcworth's 5th grade teacher assigned the class to write letters to local businesses. The goal was to ask a company to help someone or something in need.
"The tile was falling apart and sometimes we had to put it back on by ourselves," said Holcworth. 
She had written a letter to Scottsbluff's Home Depot asking for new carpet for the band room.
Store Manager Bryan Luehring explained how he came across the letter.

"I came back from lunch and I found this letter on the ground for the store manager," Luehring smiled.
The letter was almost never read.
"It was out in the parking lot, I'm not sure if the mailman dropped it or if it blew out of our mail box so I picked it up and started reading it."
In the letter, Holcworth mentioned that the acoustics were poor and that the look of the room seemed to disinterest her classmates. On Friday, Home Depot granted the wish.

Fifth grade teacher, Arlene Barnes, says the students are excited for the new look.
"Just that we did hear makes a big difference to students and it makes it easier when I'm trying to teach them to do something that actually works."

Barnes says each student wrote letters to different companies. Altogether, 19 letters were posted.

Home Depot's motto is 'more savings, more doing'. The volunteers are taking that to heart and adding more than just carpet.
"We're framing in the back of the window," said Luehring. "Kind of putting some decorations up for the band and we're also going to paint some musical notes on the top of the room for the students."
"I would like to say thanks because this is something that I've always wanted to do and the school really needed it," said Holcworth.

Mrs. Barnes says this is the sixth year students have written letters to local business. She says this is the first time a company has responded.

She says Cappuccino and Company in Scottsbluff also responded and hopes to delivered gift cards for teachers to use in the bakery.

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