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CA woman says Gering 'smart meters' are impacting her elderly mother's health

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A California woman makes a desperate plea to Gering city council members in an effort to save her mother's health.

She says the smart utility meters recently installed on her mothers house in Gering is causing her to become ill.

"I don't know how much longer she can be exposed to this stuff and have it be affecting her health," said Donna Perez, of San Diego, California.
Perez, says her mother does have underlying medical conditions, but she believes radio frequency being emitted from the meters are making them worse.

"Doctors are warning my mother of the consequences of the level of oxygen she now has to take to survive. She also is dealing with sticky blood syndrome, high blood pressure and several other things too. All of her health problems started not long after the installation of the meters."
Perez made pleas to the Gering city council Monday to offer her mother an option to opt-out of the smart meter and install an analog meter in its place.

But electric experts say swapping out the meters will have little impact.
"Its such a low power," said Nebraska's Chief Electrical Inspector Kevin Booker. "The power is so minute. I do feel for her and understand medical concerns. But her neighbor's wireless system puts out a stronger signal than what the city's meters do."
Booker says this is the first time he's encountered this sort of claim, and Council members said without a factual basis no decision can be made.
"I am sitting here listening to opinions, really." said council member Justin Allred. "I'm not going to begin to speculate, nor am I going to vote one way or another without having some options in front of us."
"I also cant see that we can actually make a decision unless we have hard, fast medical evidence to support this premise," said Council member Jill McFarland "So I think we probably need to move onto a different topic."
Perez agreed to have city officials conduct tests at her mothers home Tuesday to too see what else may be causing the health issues.

Booker suggested maybe the house be tested for other things that may be contributing to her deteriorating health, like carbon monoxide. 


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