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Nebraska lawmakers fall short on expanding Medicaid this year

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A proposal to expand health care coverage to low-income Nebraskans won't make it out of the legislature this year.
The Wellness in Nebraska Act (WIN) laid out a plan to help cover health care costs for about 54,000 residents through a combination of medicaid and subsidized private health insurance.

Opponents say the act would have diverted money away from other priorities, such as education.

Supporter and Box Butte General Hospital CEO Dan Griess says it would have helped education with healthier children living in healthier homes.

He says rural hospitals and working Nebraskans would also have benefited.
"A lot of times people with no money or very little money have to choose between rent or prescription drugs or groceries; and their spending their money on the essentially fundamentals of living they don't actually access health care screening purposes because it could be expensive," said Griess.
After eight hours of discussion, the vote was 27-21, with one senator not voting. 33 votes are needed to end a filibuster.

Senator Kathy Campbell of Lincoln, who proposed the bill said an estimated 54,000 uninsured Nebraskans would have been helped in the first year.

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