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Microsoft Windows XP users at risk of viruses, malware after April 8

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Microsoftis pulling the plug on Windows XP, and today is the last day XP users willhave support for their PC's.

Starting April 8th, Microsoft is ending support services forthe XP operating system.

That means technical assistance will no longer be available,including automatic updates that help protect the computer.

Todd Lewis of Bytes Computer and Network Solutions inScottsbluff, says XP users should upgrade to avoid security risks.

"There's really not much you can do to move forward besidesreplace your machine. You can get into some refurbished machines, or a new machine,but ultimately upgrading to the new operating system is going to be what needs tohappen."

Windows XP users who do not upgrade and continue to use XP after support ends will be more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

"Basically end of life support does not mean XP is going to stop functioning on April 8th, it basically means your patches are not going to be available for the machine. So overtime, as you continue to use XP, what you'll find is your machine will become more vulnerable and higher risk for infection of viruses and malware."

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