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Korell: "not your dad's marijuana, it's four to five times stronger" nowadays

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Sgt. Korell talks to Gering Business Club members of Colorado pot effects Sgt. Korell talks to Gering Business Club members of Colorado pot effects
There's no need to clear the air, ever since Colorado legalized marijuana this year, the workload for Nebraska law enforcement officials and surrounding states has increased.

"They're being housed in our jails which cost money," said Sgt. Dana Korell with the Nebraska W.I.N.G Drug Task Force. Earlier this week he spoke to members of the Gering Business Club at their luncheon.

Korell talked about the effects Colorado's marijuana freedom has in Nebraska; pointing to some financial strains people caught with marijuana have on Nebraska's court systems.

He says several times, what starts off as routine traffic stops turns into marijuana busts, especially along Interstate 80 and near the campus of Chadron State College. People who are found in possession of pot, after getting pulled over, often times admit they received it from Colorado.

Korell says more than 230 pounds of "medical marijuana" has been collected by Nebraska troopers and deputies.

He says people are still trying to flash the medical marijuana card to Nebraska State Patrol but that means nothing in the state. But the sergeant says what was once just a medical marijuana issue seems like "fair game" nowadays as pot is popping up in all sorts of items.

"Candy and caramels that are infused with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)," said Korell. "We've seen an increase in hash and hashed infused edibles, they're called. We've seen an increase in wax but that's all the agencies that's not just NSP. That's everybody seeing an up tick in that."

Korell went onto to say that in today's times, marijuana is not "your dad's marijuana. It's four to five times stronger than it use to be."

He notes despite people entering Nebraska with marijuana from Colorado, about 90 percent of drug arrests in Nebraska still deal with methamphetamine.

"The task force does not spend a whole lot of time in resources, man power and money on marijuana because we have bigger fish to fry."

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