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How yard waste gets reused

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Cities across the region have begun to pick up yard waste. But where does it all go?

Tree branches, grass, and any yard clippings are considered yard waste in most cities. The typical process usually consists of the waste getting picked up and transferred to the landfill.

It is there where it's decided whether items can be composted or made into other items. Some of the waste is even used by the public once it has been changed.

Environmental services supervisor Anthony Harris says that the process takes longer than many would think.

"It takes about 90 days to actually break down from yard waste into compost," says Harris. "As far as the tree branches, we separate them from the regular yard waste stuff and we use those to put through the chipper, and that's how we get wood chips that are actually given back to the public."

Harris says it is important for the public to know where their materials are going and encourages them to go out and take a tour of their local landfill.
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