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Why we celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day is Nebraska's claim to fame, as the celebration of trees started in this state 142 years ago.
Arbor Day is unique to Nebraska in that the now nationally celebrated holiday originated here, through a man named J. Sterling Morton. Morton was from Nebraska City and first proposed the tree-planting holiday in 1872.

Since then, millions of trees across the state, and across the nation have been planted in honor of Arbor Day. Community Forester Amy Seiler says there are several ways to celebrate Arbor Day today.
"Certainly, we always encourage planting trees," says Seiler. "That is number one importance because our tree resource in nebraska has declined greatly in the last 30 years. So planting trees is really what we want. But, if you don't have the space to plant any trees, go make sure your trees are well maintained. Because what we also really need is big healthy trees to benefit our homes and our community."
Nebraska is the only state in which Arbor Day is a paid holiday for state workers.
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