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Smith and Brewer square off

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A highly contested congressional debate between two Republican hopefuls took place on Friday.

Congressman Adrian Smith and Colonel Tom Brewer quickly set the mood for their debate. The 3rd Congressional District hopefuls squared off, agreeing on many of the major issues discussed.

Among those issues was the immigration policy. The candidates were asked what the policy would look like if they had the ability to write it.
Brewer: "The immigration policy in my vision should be one that is similar to what we have had, except we need to figure out a way to expedite the process."
Smith: "And yet we have a system that is actually encouraging illegal immigration and that's why we need to address this bureaucracy, because it's gotten out of hand in a way that it encourages people to go around."
Things did get heated between the two when they were asked about their thoughts on national spending in the department of defense.

Smith: "Now is not the time to slash the department of defense, but I also think that we can listen to the men and women in uniform for their ideas for efficiency."

Brewer: "There are room for cuts. I would start with the pentagon. I'd fire half the generals."

Smith: "Eliminating the entire Department of Defense won't solve the problem of many of the other spending patterns in the federal government."
Smith and Brewer did see somewhat eye to eye on their opinions of where health care in America now stands.

Smith: "I want individuals to have access to health care. I think we can do that by making sure the government doesn't get in between the patient and his or her provider.

Brewer: "The current plan for Obamacare, I agree is a complete disaster, but I am fully supportive of going back to the capitalist system where we let free enterprise work."
Now it is up to the public to decide who the real victor will be, come the may primaries.
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