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Legendary Sioux County 'Coffee Burger' makes its way back to the grill

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There are not many states out there that have a legendary burger, but here in Nebraska, we do. 

After a nearly 10 year hiatus, the 'Coffee Burger' is back. 

"The 'Coffee Burger' is unique enough, this year for the first time we actually put a picture on our menu because we want people to really understand how big a two-pound burger is," said Mike Kesserling, co-owner of Crawford's High Plains Homestead.
It comes in at a whopping two pounds, with stacks of cheese, bacon and gooey goodness. 

The 'Coffee Burger' was once a Sioux county staple, but died back in the early 2000's along with its creator, Delores Wasserburger. 

Now, a northern panhandle eatery is bringing it back.
"Because part of our mission here at High Plains Homestead is to try to preserve the uniqueness of Sioux County and the area, we approached the family and asked if we can being back the Coffee burger, fully attributing it to Delores," said Kesserling.

The burger has a special history to northwest Nebraska, it originated in the 1970's at Sioux County Sundries.

Legend has it, the burger was created by Delores Wasserburger, after a patron came in to the sundry and asked Wasserburger to make his three sons a burger that would fill them up, and keep them full.

Thus, the double stacked, two pound, 'Coffee Burger.'

Kathy McKillip, Director of the Nebraska Tourism Commission, says the burger supposedly got its name because the round beef patties were the same diameter as a coffee can.

Kesserling says he and his staff put a lot of work into resurrecting the legendary burger. 

"We tried to follow every detail Delores did, and we interviewed the folks that used to she used to work with and got some instruction from them. We practiced to make sure we got it the she did, because because to duplicate it the best we can."

He says the coffee burger is the perfect addition to their one page, cowboy cuisine menu. 

And while Mike Kesserling says the says the 'Coffee Burger's' return is sure to bring a lot of new visitors to the Homestead's Drifter Cook Shack this tourism season, Mike's wife Linda says her homemade pies will keep their loyal customers coming.

"We make fresh pies daily, especially when we get busy in the summer," Linda Kesserling said."I've got a walnut caramel pie, a strawberry surprise pie, I put together an apple barb, cinnamon cream, pumpkin cream, blue barb, strawbarb, you can do a lot with rhubarb and its all so delicious."
Linda Kesserling says the Drifter Cook Shack is one of the few restaurants in Nebraska that still makes homemade, handmade pies.

She says the Cook Shack is also known for its unique Indian Taco and fresh buffalo.

"We've got ribs that will bring a tear to your eye," said Mike Kesserling.

The Homestead's Drifter Cook Shack is featured on the Nebraska Passport's 'Forks in the Road' tour this year.

The tour is designed to give travelers a taste of true Nebraskan cuisine. 

All this month KOTA Territory News will be highlighting the western Nebraska Passport attractions.
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