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Firework sales blasting off in KOTA Territory Wednesday

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Wednesday is the start of the 10–day selling period for firework vendors.

It’s also the first day people are allowed to light off personal fireworks in the tri-cities. 

Sparklers, fire crackers, smoke bombs, multi-effects, artillery shells, and lanterns quickly began filling the carts of customers at Discount Fireworks early Wednesday morning. 

Eric Wilcox, owner of Discount Fireworks in Scottsbluff, says sales are usually slower in the beginning of the 10-day sale period, but they really pick up as it nears the Fourth of July holiday

Wilcox says the store is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, but if people keep coming in, the store can stay open as late as midnight. 

He says Discount Fireworks has over 1,100 different varieties of pyrotechnics this year, with prices ranging anywhere from .05 cents to $500 dollars.

"We have some people that come in and they’ll just pick up smoke balls, they like smoke balls. Then we have some that just get a parachute. Then you have the ones that get the artillery shells or the bigger ones. So we can accommodate any budget, any person’s preference of fireworks."

Discount Fireworks will have a mini-fireworks display at 9 p.m. Wednesday evening to show off all the new products and fan favorites.

"We've got over 15 different artillery shells, and the newest one is called 'Diablo,' which is the largest artillery shell in the United States." 

Wilcox says one of the hottest sellers is the paper lanterns. He says the product they have in stock this year are guaranteed to fly, and are made out of a material that will blow out before it hits the ground, to prevent a fire hazard.

Wilcox says people who shoot off fireworks should always practice safe handling of the pyrotechnics, and to be courteous to their neighbors.

"Just please, as usual, be considerate of your neighbor or neighbors. Pick up your used fireworks afterwards. The next day, if you do see some of the residue in your neighbors yard please ask if you can clean it up before you do it, and we'll be able to have another successful year and hopefully not have a bunch of complaints."

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