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Guernsey state park officials look to educate public on cliff jumping safety

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Following the second cliff-jumping death at Guernsey State Park in Wyoming this year, park officials are looking at ways to inform the public about the dangers of all park-related activities.

On Sunday afternoon, 22–year–old Johnny Andres Ornelas of Torrington died after jumping off a 110 foot cliff.

Todd Stevenson, state park superintendent, calls the accident tragic and is asking the public to be aware of the risks when jumping off cliffs.

"This specific type of injury, we want to try and do an educational push if you will and try and talk about this could be something that could happen. We're not encouraging, promoting, or in any way suggesting that anybody jump off any cliff on any level at this park," said Stevenson.

He says during his nine years as superintendent several people have been hurt from jumping off different cliff heights but he has never experienced deaths related to the activity.

Stevenson says park officials are now hoping to look into ways to inform the public about possible risks during all park–related activities.

"We're going to evaluate all the options related to all the activities on the park and if we need to have an educational push on any activity, cliff jumping possibly being one, we're going to look at what we need to do to put that information out before the public," he said.

Officials with the Platte County Sheriff's office in Wyoming say the investigation of Ornelas is ongoing. 

Back in May, 21-year-old Jeffrey Rice of Scottsbluff died after jumping off a cliff at Long Canyon. 

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