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Hassebrook talks prison reform

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 One Nebraska Gubernatorial nominee is speaking out on his thoughts about prison reform.

Democratic nominee Chuck Hassebrook says that there are some real issues that need to be solved within the prison system.

He says it is no secret that Nebraska is trying to overcome overcrowding in some of its state prisons. Hassebrook says that if elected, he would offer alternatives for non–violent offenders in an effort to avoid constructing a new state prison.

"You know, if we send somebody to prison for a drug crime, when they get out, there's a fifty percent chance they re–offend," says Hassebrook. "If we send them to a drug court, where they have intensive regular supervision, they go before a judge every week, they have to meet certain goals, they're subject to random drug tests. When they graduate from drug court, there's only a fifteen percent chance they re–offend and it costs one fifth as much."

Hassebrook says that he feels the prison system failures of recent years would not have happened under his watch and will "not happen again" under his watch.
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